Comic 2 - G.I.ANT - Caverns of Doom 1

18th Oct 2016, 3:14 AM
G.I.ANT - Caverns of Doom 1
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Author Notes:

shaneoid 18th Oct 2016, 3:14 AM edit delete

Caverns of Doom was the October 2016 challenge for the Deviant Universe over on DeviantArt. The scenario was to have your character fall in to the Earth's core during an earthquake and rescue people or fight the dinosaur men who lived down there (who were trying to take over the world, as you do).

I had a great time doing this, and it was completed in a few days. This was done long after I completed the current run on HOTWAB (Issue 3 at time of writing) and I hope it shows how much my skills have developed since then, and what future strips of HOTWAB will hopefully look like.

Thanks for reading!